If you are curious about the experience that we bring to the table (which you absolutely SHOULD be when considering vendors for your event), we have provided a little information on our team for you below. Get to know the wonderful people who make up our team here at L&L Events.

Luis Rovira, Owner/Operator

Luis has had the amazing opportunity to learn several different aspects of events over the last 20+ years. When he first started in the industry, it was through his passion for photography. After working for several years behind the camera, Luis became trained in the audio visual side of events. From lighting, to sound, to video production and everything in between, Luis worked for top local companies that provided the equipment rental and technician services for events of all kinds. Once he mastered that area of events, he fine tuned his sound skills (more specifically music), and became a DJ, providing entertainment for weddings and events all around the Tampa Area, working with one of the top local entertainment companies. After several years working these big events, including working occasionally with catering and decor companies, Luis made the decision to start his own event company. In 2010, he formed L&L Events with a business partner and took over managing the event space for the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. The services they offered in the beginning were Catering, Decor, Audio Visual, DJ, Photography and Venue Rental. Luis eventually bought out his partner’s share and for the past three years he has been the sole owner/operator of the L&L Events. Luis is rarely found sitting at his desk behind the computer screen. Instead, you will more often than not find him hands on in the kitchen, setting up lighting and decor, or meeting one on one with clients to to help them bring their events to life. His passion has always been creating magical and unforgettable events.  While the services provided by L&L Events have slightly changed, the passion Luis has for his business and his clients has only gotten stronger.  Outside of L&L Events,  Luis devotes most of his free time to his two teenage daughters. From volunteering for their school events and extracurricular activities to just spending quality time together at one of the most magical places on earth (the one and only Disney World!), he treasures every moment with them.